Director/ Editor Rock God


After 25 years of triumphs and tribulations – singer/songwriter Peter Himmelman suddenly finds his youthful dreams fading away. Navigating the harsh and often comic realities of mid-life he sets out on one more tour to bring his unpredictable and inspiring music to the world.  In this action packed documentary, director Keith Shapiro follows Peter around the world in his hilarious and poignant rock n’ roll quest to keep his dreams alive. Screened at the prestigious Jacob Burns Film Center in New York and available nationwide with “The Pigeons Couldn’t Sleep” LP.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Himmelman looms large in funny ‘Rock God’

By Louis R. Carlozo Tribune staff reporter

September 18, 2007

You have to see Peter Himmelman’s “Rock God.”

It’s that simple. Anyone who has harbored dreams or fantasies of entertainment stardom — and who among us hasn’t? — needs to watch the 70-minute DVD documentary… Here we see a singer-songwriter in his mid-40s, lauded time and again in major magazines and newspapers for his literate, spiritual music, still hanging on to the rock ideal that better days wait just around the corner. (Could that be because he’s the son-in-law of an actual rock god, Bob Dylan?) At turns hysterical (Himmelman doesn’t mind answering questions while standing at a urinal) and poignant (footage of his nascent Minneapolis band Sussman Lawrence shows how he has aged since his new wave youth), “Rock God” embodies the timeless proverb, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

CLIP 01: “A Little Bit of History”

CLIP 02: “The Power of Rock”

CLIP 03:”On the Road”